Jan. 28, 2014

Nightrain Chat with Dizzy Reed!

On Thursday, January 30th at 8pm PST, Mr. Dizzy Reed will be visiting an exclusive Nightrain chat room to answer your questions.

A lot of time has gone by since joining up with GNR back in the early 90s… Lately Dizzy has been busy with the Dead Daisies and will be on the road with them in February before heading south with the Gunners in March. Get creative and ask away! The campaign page is now open for your submissions.

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    *out of his hands

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    its funny to me. everyone was jealous of me, but i was totally embarrassed. Dizzy was at Changes nightclub in New castle Pennsylvania Playing just by himself, and just seeing him in person was enough to make me want to let out that teenage-girl scream that most girls give out over most popular bands today. anyway my dads band was playing there and he played a few songs after, and when he was done he was just walking around the bar because for whatever reason there weren't a lot of people there. i was just kind of hanging out in the back corner watching him play beautifully and he went over to the guy that owned the place, but i didn't see him because i was looking at the ground and bumped into him. Yeah, i was the fourteen year old girl who almost stepped on his toes and knocked the drink out of him. i was so excited and scared at the same time that i couldn't say anything, so i just kind of stared at him. Thankfully he was pretty cool about it, but i sure wont ever forget it....

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