Oct. 25, 2012

Axl Rose Appears On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Axl Rose made a rare appearance on late night television last night, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  If you missed the interview, or just want to watch it again you can see the whole segment by going to the Live Videos gallery on gunsnroses.com.  

  1. Rafael rais Colucci avatar

    Very cool

  2. Rafael rais Colucci avatar

    very good

  3. GueGueZon avatar

    Minha Doce Criança ♥ :') !

  4. Alicja avatar

    That is cool! Axl was funny and he looked great! :)

  5. sy avatar

    he is definitely the best! i just love him, always have! hope he finds the way to his happiness

  6. Axl_Rose99 avatar

    axL IS THE best!!

  7. stephen avatar

    axl was funny, charming, genorous and even (i think) a little humbled by the reception he got from the audiance. jimmy has got to ask about any upcoming albums. bad job.

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