Since I Don't Have You

Feb. 18, 2012

Since I Don't Have You

  1. OG Mannny G avatar

    Love listening to this track on my Orange vinyl. that albums is dope

  2. le-guns avatar

    great vocal and guitar perform ! funny video !!

  3. janina60 avatar

    i love this song :)

  4. Iara avatar

    OMFG Axl!

  5. Gabriel Alassio avatar

    would love to heard this song live at least once :)

  6. Sil GNR avatar

    I wanna be the girl in the video (????

  7. Maga Rose avatar

    The first time i saw this video, i was 12, and i was crazy for axl. when axl kisses to jennifer, i went to the bathroom and cried, hahahahaha. God, i was so stupid.

  8. Juan Pablo avatar

    and WTTJ Live ERa

  9. Alpachiris avatar

    forgot to put the official videos of Yesterdays, The Garden

  10. JcGuns avatar

    la voz de Axl en este tema es simplemente espectacular, como si fuera un cantante de los años 60.

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