Dead Horse

Feb. 15, 2012

Dead Horse

  1. Saphyra avatar

    This song, as almost all others of Guns N' Roses, cheers me up everytime I listen to it. I love that part when Axl plays the guitar. "Sick of this life.." Yeah.. Sometimes you feel like this. =D

    It takes many times of watching this clip if you want to enjoy it properly, becouse it's so fast that you just can't catch everything on your mind. =D By the way, it's a great idea with that Helmet Cam! =) I love energy that is spurting out this video. When I see guys almost on ecstasy, particularly Axl, I want to run/jump/dance myself. It's amazing energy upload for me. \m/

    G N' R Rock Forever! =D

  2. Juan Pablo avatar

    Love the Helmet Cam.

  3. Juan Pablo avatar

    Love the Helmet Cam.

  4. Juan Pablo avatar

    Love the Helmet Cam.

  5. Juan Pablo avatar

    Love the Helmet Cam

  6. Alpachiris avatar

    forgot to put the official videos of Yesterdays, The Garden

  7. JcGuns avatar

    esta era la cancion estrella que tenia mi banda los "Estranged" lol

  8. Ana Alexandre avatar


  9. GNRVahland avatar

    Add it to the playlist !!!

  10. _mckagan_ avatar

    Ilove Gn'r,
    great web!

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