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  1. Ana Alexandre avatar

    On September 25, 2012, Ana Alexandre said:

    axl sings this song with so many energy!
    damn, this is rock n' roll

  2. Ann Rose avatar

    On April 17, 2012, Ann Rose said:

    IM BORED NOW! WHY I CANT BORN IN THIS YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL MY SELF :D send soooo much huggs!!!

  3. herbalizor420 avatar

    On April 14, 2012, herbalizor420 said:

    fuckin awesome!!!

  4. janina60 avatar

    On March 2, 2012, janina60 said:

    the best hard rock song ever !!!! :)

  5. alegnr avatar

    On February 25, 2012, alegnr said:

    the best song ever!!!

  6. Iara avatar

    On February 23, 2012, Iara said:

    Amaizing song

  7. NatVazquez avatar

    On February 21, 2012, NatVazquez said:

    hard rock baby!

  8. Sil GNR avatar

    On February 20, 2012, Sil GNR said:

    YEAH!!! that's hard rock bitches! (?

  9. Maga Rose avatar

    On February 20, 2012, Maga Rose said:

    I agree with Gabriel. The best Hard Rock song ever!

  10. Gabriel Alassio avatar

    On February 20, 2012, Gabriel Alassio said:

    the best hard rock song..

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