Jul. 16, 2012


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    love it!! patience !

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    just a little...

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    I posted the comment below in the video wrong! Should have been "Estranged"! LOL -- But also love "Patience". Just like all the songs and videos from Guns. Have any better band? I sure do not! : )

  6. Diane Souza avatar

    I love this video. Love this song. This is translation of my life now: "When I find all of the reasons, Maybe I'll find another way, Find another day, With all the changing seasons of my life, Maybe I'll get it right next time". Searching for the reasons...

  7. Noga Hallevy avatar

    The cutest whistle! and the cutest whistler! ;D I love this song so much, it's so soothing and relaxing... and the phone thing - I totally get it - I did it once myself (when i was kinda pissed off)... ;D

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    this song is perfect to my girlfriend

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    if i can't have you right now, i will wait dear... COF COF*

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    Best evr. nevr wanna hear any1 but axl sing it.

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