Feb. 17, 2012


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    epic voice, epic lyrics, epic solo, epic piano.... what can i say? i love this song.... my favourite

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    best song ever of GN'R!!! glad i heard it at La Plata, Argentina :)

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    As an young artist in my teens this song was the inspiration to a lot of drawings and painting i did. Even the poetry that i was making @ the time was so influenced by this song and its dynamics. Im so happy The guys are playing this song live again. When they played it live @ Rio 2011 the whole world cried it was crazy, thanks bumblefoot i know u had a lot of persuasion in getting this song back on the set list. Btw my favorite song

  5. ivanorezac avatar

    My favorite songs: Estranged, November rain and Sweet Child o' mine

  6. Saphyra avatar

    I know what feeling is it to be Estranged. It's hard to tell about it that people could undertsantd. Axl and Guns did it somehow. I don't know about other people here and elsewhere but I DO perceive it.

    I can remember that first time I heard/saw this master piece I cried. It's deeper than you can imagine. and every time I listen to it I find something new, something I can feel, something I can hold in my heart. It's magnificent. =)

  7. Alpachiris avatar

    forgot to put the official videos of Yesterdays, The Garden

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  9. JcGuns avatar

    Épico, best video ever, aparece beta ;)

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    The best band ever!!!!! I love this song!!!

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