Aug. 14, 2014


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    This song played for the first time here in Texas on 99.1 when it was a total metal station. I fell in love with it because when I herd it I was in the process of telling my now ex husband that I wanted a divorce and that song summed up every emotion I was having and it was delivered right on time. Who says Axl is always late? LOL

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    One of my favourites!

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    This is one of the best songs in the world , Thanks for giving us this magical song !

  4. Yehoash avatar

    this is a song that is most inspiring to the moments i live!

  5. Parikatev avatar

    I really love this song !!!

  6. Saunders avatar

    One of the Best FUCKING VIDEOS EVER

  7. Tammaris avatar

    one of my best songs <3

  8. Lah Rose avatar

    amo essa musica ??

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