November Rain

Feb. 23, 2012

November Rain

  1. FRANTA avatar

    My friend gonna have a marriage on July and this one gonna be palyed there. I am just sad that their mariiage wont be in NOVEMBER...hihi .....I know...its hard to hold a candle in cold november rain....wish you All the good friends

  2. Iara avatar

    my favorite song

  3. Iara avatar

    my favorite song

  4. Iara avatar

    Beautiful song!

  5. ricgov avatar


  6. Sabry Mendoza avatar

    Hahaha!! felicitaciones!

  7. le-guns avatar


  8. le-guns avatar

    this is not a video ! its a fuckin' great short movie!! beautful song, amazing video history ... thank you GN'R !!

  9. janina60 avatar

    beautifull song,beautifull video.! amazing !!! :)

  10. Iara avatar

    The lyric is hfkjahf

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