November Rain

Nov. 11, 2014

November Rain

  1. VooRHeeS avatar

    In The VIDEO SECTION there're still missing VIDEOS like "THE GARDEN" and "YESTERDAYS" ;) ...would be nice when you add the missing ones!

    ..Great Song, GUNS N' ROSES played the second half of November Rain in the rain during the show in GERMANY, MĂ–NCHENGLADBACH, 08.06.2012!
    By The Way It Was A Great Long Show Here In Germany!

  2. SABRINARO avatar

    love this song! in Argentina Axl singin in the rain, i cant believe or explain that m oment!

  3. VooRHeeS avatar

    One of the Best Song of GNR.. classical n rockin' ...a nice videoclip also

  4. francisco laredo avatar

    Recuerdo cuando se presentaron en guadalajara estuvo lloviendo y en ese momento tocaron november Rain fue algo inolvidable! !! # 1 GNR

  5. Zqyx avatar

    Best video of all time!

  6. Deamorena16 avatar

    <3 <3

  7. Alexiis avatar

    Un kif

  8. Thalita avatar

    Love ?

  9. Tammaris avatar


  10. Khairil Afifi avatar

    Totally love ths always remind me to my ex-grlfrnd...totally miss her.....even 2year we have been clash

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