November Rain

Feb. 18, 2012

November Rain

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    this is not a video ! its a fuckin' great short movie!! beautful song, amazing video history ... thank you GN'R !!

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    beautifull song,beautifull video.! amazing !!! :)

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    The lyric is hfkjahf

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    beautiful song, beatiful video. is really amazing!

  8. Gabriel Alassio avatar

    clasic, and epic song!! thank you axl

  9. Maga Rose avatar

    Best video, best song, this is my favourite song ever. i became a gnr fan because of november rain. i was watching tv (i was 11) and i heard this song, and i thought "god, it's awesome". then, i saw the video, and... i fell in love with the band, and i started to investigate about gnr. when i heard this song in la plata, i started to cry, 'cause this song is very special to me. thanks gnr.
    gnr, the best thing that happened in my life.

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    cuantas minitas me agarre con este tema.... gracias gnr

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