Aug. 24, 2012

  1. Thays Caroline avatar

    axl take me away with you please...
    I promise not to be a bad girl, unless you want!

  2. Ana Alexandre avatar

    yeees, axl, pleaaase!

  3. Laura Turconi avatar

    i'm the girl who was bringing that banner!!!

  4. Laura Turconi avatar

    I'm the girl who was bringing that banner!!!!

  5. RocketQueen78 avatar

    Exactly ! Teke me away!

  6. Jennifer Bernsen avatar

    where in the world are crowd pics from the LA gigs at the Forum, and Hollywood Palladium, and the Wiltern?
    So many great international shots - but what about local fans? Not all of us were able to make it over seas.

    Would be really nice to see some....... or are we not special enough?

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