Jun. 11, 2012

  1. estrangedviolet avatar

    He was in such a great mood that day

  2. Faye Christiansen avatar

    So lovely.

  3. RocketQueen78 avatar

    Love to see Axl smiling! Great Pic!

  4. Jolanda avatar

    It looked like they were really having fun on stage. It was great to see the interaction between Axl and the band and the way that they made the audience feel like they were part of the show. My best concert ever. I Totally respect these guys!

  5. axlschick22 avatar

    Great pic! Love to see him smile like that!!

  6. Ana Alexandre avatar

    love to see Axl smiling :)

  7. RocketQueenGNR avatar

    Axl was smiling all the time in Rotterdam! It was so great to see!

  8. Ms RocknRolla avatar

    Good photo. It's nice to see axl smile once in a while.

  9. herbalizor420 avatar

    looks like axl is having a great time

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