June 1, 2013 Time TBA

Lubbock , TX

Guns N Roses

VIP TIcket Sale: 4/23 at 6pm - local market time

Regular Tickets On-Sale: 4/26 at 10am - local market time

Lonestar Amphitheater
602 East 19th Street
Lubbock , TX 79403
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  1. Carlos Marques avatar

    On May 1, 2013, Carlos Marques said:

    if the doors open at 8:30pm, what time it opens to the vips?

  2. Margott avatar

    On April 30, 2013, Margott said:

    Squirrel1986, I have done MANY of these VIPs so I can answer your questions. Even if a venue wouldn't have a will call window, there will be GROUND CTRL staff at a table with a list of names and VIP laminates and tickets. That person will scort you in before everyone else with regular tickets. I haven't seen Axl at any of the M&G's I have done. You will always see Bumblefoot, and then you have a 95% chance to see DJ Ashba (I think only once I didn't see him at a M&G but he usually is there), an 80% chance to see Dizzy, Frank, and Tommy, and a 40% chance to see Richard. If you go to the "Photos" section on this website you can see who are the band members who normally show up for the M&G at different shows.
    The M&G are fast. You wait in line and when it's your turn, you say hi to them and then someone from the staff takes your picture with them (which will be posted here). And then you'll get your poster and head to the floor so you can grab a spot there. :-)

  3. squirrel1986 avatar

    On April 27, 2013, squirrel1986 said:

    is there a will call at the amphtheatre? I don't want to buy this and there not be one and then get there and be ticketles! I'm sure Axlwon't be at the meet and greet and since they weren't specific about which "band members" would be at paid meet and greet, has anyone ever been to one? I'm really going to see DJ Ashba and am wondering if he is out and about at them?

  4. gnr813jojo avatar

    On April 23, 2013, gnr813jojo said:

    Wish I could do vip. spent 300 for sturgis vip and got nothing out of it. Wife won't let me spend that again.

  5. Mark Critchfield avatar

    On April 23, 2013, Mark Critchfield said:

    how do I access the VIP tickets set for sale at 6 today. Can't click ticket icon. Bought the membership just for this....please respond if you know.

  6. gnr813jojo avatar

    On April 22, 2013, gnr813jojo said:



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