Jun. 01, 2013 Time TBA

Lubbock , TX

VIP TIcket Sale: 4/23 at 6pm - local market time

Regular Tickets On-Sale: 4/26 at 10am - local market time

Lonestar Amphitheater
602 East 19th Street
Lubbock , TX 79403
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  1. squirrel1986 avatar

    Awesome. See you in a few hours!

  2. Eric McGuffin avatar

    Drove up earlier and a staff member said it was through the gates at the top of the hill. As soon as the parking gates open the box office should be as well.

  3. squirrel1986 avatar

    Lol I'm from here And I don't know where the box office is either. Guess we will have to figure it out. I'm going in alone to the meet and greet so I'm really really nervous.

  4. Eric McGuffin avatar

    My email says box office. Ill have to go to will call to pick up my tickets. Our first time coming here so I'm not sure either.

  5. squirrel1986 avatar

    Eric I don't know if you will check back here before the show but if you do will you message me with where exactly at the amphitheatre we are supposed to go when we get there, if you know. I'm not positive and I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off today.

  6. squirrel1986 avatar

    Yeah it is.maybe they heard us complaining?

  7. Eric McGuffin avatar

    Got a new email updated with check in time of 7:30. That's a lil better.

  8. squirrel1986 avatar

    I got your message, I'll look for you tomorrow. I'll be wearing black shorts,black heels and either a tan or black and white shirt.

  9. Eric McGuffin avatar

    I agree. I'm hoping there won't be very many there, especially if its only 30 minutes before the doors open to public.

  10. squirrel1986 avatar

    Eric I completely agree. At this point I feel a little jipped.the gates are 830 at least that's what the extra ticket Iabought says. I'm hoping to be in the front row (stage right of course lol)as well. And also unless you and I are the only ones that sprung for the VIP THAT'S GONNA BE THE SHORTEST MEET AND GREET in history.wasn't one of the perks to the VIP ability to avoid lines and a better place in the crowd?! Unless they literally rush us in and out we won't avoid lines or get a good place without pushing our way to the front. Maybe there will be someone there tomorrow we can voice our concerns to?

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